Member Benefits


Commercial Real Estate is your industry and Greater Richmond Association for Commercial Real Estate (GRACRE) is the association that looks out for your interests. Together, we are an effective tool and significant voice.

We provide opportunities for professionals in all disciplines related to commercial real estate to interact with one another. GRACRE encompasses the City of Richmond and the counties of Chesterfield, Goochland, Hanover and Henrico.


Commercial Property Representation

We’re the only organization in Richmond whose primary mission is to be an advocate for commercial property owners, developers, and related professionals. GRACRE proactively addresses issues affecting the commercial real estate industry in the Richmond metropolitan region.

Statewide Legislative Efforts

Make your voice heard! We have representation at the General Assembly by qualified, well-known lobbyists. And we’re a member of a coalition of organizations whose involvement influences legislative initiatives affecting commercial real estate.


Since GRACRE is the largest commercial real estate organization in Richmond, its diverse membership creates invaluable networking opportunities, giving our members the opportunity to interact on a social basis with others who use and/or have referral capabilities of our services.

Educational/Informative Programs

We have monthly meetings to provide educational and informative programs.

Legislative Events

Gives all members the opportunity to meet and discuss concerns with legislators in a social setting.

We provide opportunities for professionals in all disciplines related to commercial real estate to network and socialize.
View the membership PDF here and purchase online by clicking the link below. 

Current GRACRE Members

Keri Abbott - CBRE

Scott Adams - CBRE

David Adkins - Hertz Investment Group

Marshall Agee - VHB

Tim Akers - Stewart Title Guaranty Company

Chris  Alburger - Wack GC

Madeleine Alderman - One South Commercial

Randy Alderson - Smarter Interiors

Will Allen - Harper Associates

Marc Allocca - CBRE

Brooks Altizer - Gateway Bank

Bruce Anderson - PolycreteUSA, LLC

John Anderson - Spotts Fain PC

Lynn Anderson - The Anderson Art Group

Matthew Anderson - CBRE | Richmond

Robbie Anderson - Branscome, Inc.

Mike Andriliunas - L. F. Jennings, Inc.

A.J.  Anonick - Total Environmental Concepts

Sandy Appelman - Lion's Paw Development Company

James Ashby - Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer

Douglas Atkins - Fidelity National Title Group

Rick Atkinson - Angler Environmental

David Auman - The Capstone Contracting Co.

Chris Avellana - JLL

Bill Axselle - Williams Mullen

Summer Back - Knight Dorin & Rountrey Inc

Kate Bagwell - Holland & Knight, LLP

Todd Bagwell - Hourigan Construction Corp.

Michael Bailey - Ramey Kemp & Associates

Aishwarya Balagopal - NBJ Architecture

Jennifer Bardaro - CoStar Group

A.J. Bardugone - Fidelity National Title Insurance Company

Bill Barnes - Barnes Insurance Group

Bill Barnett - Commonwealth Land

Mike Barrea - MOI

Andrew Beach - UrbanCore Construction

Norma Jean Beaken - Costen Floors

Frank Beale - Invincia Insurance Solutions

Donna Bearman - Forest City Commercial Group

Robert Belcher - Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Pam Belleman - Troutman Sanders LLP

Lile Benaicha - Troutman Sanders

Robert Benaicha - McGuire Woods LLP

Hunter  Bendall - Virginia Business

Jennifer Berger - Dominion Due Diligence Group

Richard Berrey - Kjellstrom & Lee Construction

Frank Besosa - Essex Bank

Neil Bhatt - NBJ Architecture

William Bien - Virginia Commonwealth Bank

Carl Bivens - Troutman Sanders LLP

Arnold Blackmon - C&F Bank

Nolen Blackwood - Blackwood Development Company, Inc.

Chris Blake - Miller & Associates

Kyle Blandford - One Enviromental Group, LLC

Armi Blanton - M & T Bank

Martin Blum - Colliers International

Michael Bogese - The Bogese Companies

Ned  Bowden - Emerald Construction Company

Roger Bowers - Futurelaw, LLC

William Bowers - Bowers Corp

Rodes Boyd - Virginia Commonwealth Bank

Scott Boyers - CBRE

Bruce Boykin - The James Center

Kyle  Brackett - City of Richmond

A.L. Braun - Brandywine Realty Trust

Brian Brewer - Kimley-Horn Associates, Inc.

Amy Broderick - Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer

Jeffrey Broderick - EDC- General Contractors/ Development Managers

Bruce Brooks - Noelker and Hull Associates

Paul Brooks - Johnson Controls

Mike Broughton - Taylor & Parrish

Deb Brown -  Allied Concrete Company

Matthew Brown - Matthew R.O. Brown Photography LLC

Gray Bryant - CBRE

Karen Bunch - Gumenick Properties

Douglas Burgess - Burgess Inspections, Inc.

Chris Burns - CHA Companies

Dawn Calabrese - Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer

Greg Campbell - Smarter Interiors

Michael Campbell - Dominion Realty Partners

Robert Campbell - Park Sterling Bank

Melissa Canavos - Safe Harbor Title Company

Jerry Candrilli - B&B Electrical

Joey Caperton - Brandywine Realty Trust

Kent Cardwell - Taylor Long Properties, Inc.

Paul Carey - Carey Construction Services, LLC

Loretta Cataldi - The Shopping Center Group

Renee Chapline - Virginia's Gateway Region

Brian Chase - Spotts Fain, PC

Kevin Chase - First Community Bank

Wayne Chasen - Gumenick Properties

Andrew Chisholm - Drucker & Falk

Dell Claiborne - Statewide Commercial

Brad Clark - AlliedBarton Security Services

Eric Clark - Balfour Beatty Construction

Mike Cline - CORT Furniture Rental

Sean Collard - Costen Floors

Andy Condlin - Roth Doner Jackson Gibbons Condlin, PLC

Shannon Cook - Meadows Urquhart Acree & Cook

Jeff Cooke - Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer

Marti  Cooke - Thalhimer

Melissa Cooke - Bridge Trust Title Group

Steve Coor - Riverside Brick and Supply

Scott Corwin - Johannas Design Group

M. Ann Neil Cosby - Mcguire Woods LLP

Gordon Costello - DPR Construction

Peyton  Cox - CBRE | Richmond

Gregory Creswell - Dominion Energy

Don Cruickshanks - Old Republic Title

Jennifer Cubitt - Virginia Credit Union

Eileen Dahlstedt - American Office

Randy Daniel - Seaboard Concrete Products Company

Timothy Davey - Timmons Group

Alan Davis - Baskervill

Michelle Dean - Smarter Interiors

Bryan  Deem - EBI Consultin

Kevin Deloye - Bowman Consulting

Bud Denton - W.M. Jordan Co

Paul Deschamps - Bank of America

Gib DeShazo - Emerald Construction Company

Susan Deusebio - Hanover County Economic Devlopment

Jerry DeVault - Branch & Associates, Inc.

Ken Dickinson - Stewart Title Guaranty Company

Charlie Diradour - Lion's Paw Development

Mark Douglas - Thalhimer

Wendy Drucker - Drucker & Falk

Jane duFrane - Highwoods Properties Inc.

Tom Duke - Evolve Architecture, Inc.

Douglas  Dunlap - City of Richmond Economic and Community Development

John Dunlap - Dunlap & Partners Engineers, P.C.

Chris Durand - Gilbane Building Company

David DuVal - Spotts Fain

Jack Dyer - Gulf Seaboard General Contractors, Inc.

Peter Eckert - Peter S Eckert & Company, Inc.

Scott Eckert - Peter S Eckert & Company, Inc.

Ruth Eggleston - CBRE

Sean Eichert - Plus Management

Thomas Eilerson - EDC

Michael Elander - Wetland Studies and Solutions INC

David Ellington - Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc.

Chuck Ellsworth - The Wilton Companies

Carolyn Entzminger - Odell

Karen Epps - City of Colonial Heights Economic Development

Ron Etter - Koontz Bryant, PC

Holly Eve - Commonwealth of VA

Ryan Fanelli - Commonwealth Commercial Partners

Dwayne  Faria - Thalhimer

Brent Farmer - Baskervill

Brian  Felton - Liberty Property Trust

Mercer Ferguson - Rutherfoord Company

Berkeley Fergusson - Divaris Real Estate

Jane Ferrara - City of Richmond

Ross Fischer - Dodson Commercial

Wilson Flohr - Porter Realty

Randy Fralin - Roof Systems Of Virginia, Inc.

Spencer Francis - Bowman Consulting

Stephen Francis - GRS Title Services, LLC

Jonathan Frank - Williams Mullen

Rowena Fratarcangelo - Greater Richmond Partnership

Bryan Freshcorn - Cherry Bekaert  LLP

Karen Frye - Fulton Bank

David Galpern - DRASK Realty

Robyn Galpern - DRASK Realty

Peter Gambardella - Spotts Fain

Suzanne Gardner - Wells Fargo

Laura Lee Garrett - Hirschler Fleischer

Edwin Gaskin - Hanover County Economic Development

Dan Gecker - Urban Development Associates, L.L.C.

Meril Gerstenmaier - Stewart/HG

Jim Getty - Steele Group Sotheby’s International Realty

Stuart Gilchrist - Quality CCTV Systems, Inc.

Christopher Gill - Christian & Barton, LLP

John Gillenwater - KBS, Inc.

Eddie Glass - AES Consulting Engineers

Read Goode - Divaris Real Estate

Robert Gordon - DurretteCrump PLC

Nick Grainger - Troutman Sanders LLP

Brent Graves - Taylor & Parrish, Inc

Marc Greenberg - Blackwood Development Company, Inc.

Bill Greenleaf - Virginia Community Capital

Adam Gregory - BridgeTrust Title Group

Maynard Grizzard - Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Clay Grogan - Parker Design

Jason Guillot - Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer

Roby Hackney - Hackney Real Estate Partners

Timothy Haden - Whitley Service Roofing & Sheet Metal Company

Parker Hale - Creative Office Environment

Yasmine Hamad - Colliers International

Cheryl Hamm - Joyner Commercial

Jared Hammack - ColonialWebb

Marcus  Hanlon - Architects Dayton, Thompson, & Associates PC

Mark Hansell - RGI General Contractors

Justin Harris - Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Garrett Hart - Chesterfield Economic Development

Brenda Hartless - Brandywine Realty Trust

A. Taylor Harvie - County of Amelia

John Hasten - HBA Architecture & Interior Design

Mark Hathaway - Old Republic National Title Insurance Company

John  Hauserman - NewLink Management Group

Sheppard Haw - Capital Square Realty Advisors, LLC

Jeff  Hawkins - Telepath, Inc.

Ashley Hawks - Johnson Controls

Catherine Haywood - Lingerfelt Companies

Paul Heckman - Keiter

John Heisler - J.A. Heisler

Michael Henley - Hourigan Construction Corp.

Duncan Heyward - Falling Springs LLC

Doug Hilemn - Eagle Commerical Construction

Bob Hill - Froehling & Robertson, Inc.

Greg Hill - Hill Electrical Inc

Joseph Hines - TIMMONS GROUP

Louis Hite - Air Conditioning Equipment Sales Inc.

Jack Hoade - Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer

Josh  Hodges - Specified Tile

Barry Hofheimer - CBRE

Tom Hogg -  

Valerie Holland - SVN Cornerstonte Commercial

Will Hollerith - Old Republic National Title Insurance

Drew Holtzman - Donley's Construction

William Homiller - Troutman Sanders LLP

Carl Hooper - Creative

Jim Hopkins - MOI

David Howard - Towne Bank

Patrick  Howle - EMC Mechanical Services

John Huddle - Wack GC

Nathan Hughes - Sperity Real Estate Ventures

Robert (Bob) Hughes - FloranceGordonBrown

Christopher Hull - Enviromental  Alliance, Inc

Brad Hulse - Hourigan Construction Corp.

Carl Hultgren - Ramey Kemp & Associates

Michael Hunt - Genesis Properties, Inc.

Kristie Inge - Highwoods Properties Inc.

Marco Ireland - The CoStar Group

Brian  Jackson - Hirschler Fleischer

Mona Jain - Prudential

Ron James - Dominion Due Diligence Group

Ryan Jenness - Hirschler Fleischer

William Johns  - RK&K

Ron Johnson - City of Richmond/ Economic and Community Development

Sara Johnson - Hirschler Fleischer

Ginny Johnston -  

Paul Johnston - Draper Aden Associates

Clarke Jones - Jones Realty and Construction Corporation

Gene Jones - MDE Space Management Solutions

Susan Jones - Colliers International

David Kalman - Colliers International

Brenda Karp - The Breeden Company

Bruce Kay - Markel Corporation

Christina  Kern - Campfire & Co.

Trey Kern - CoStar Group

Neil Kessler - Troutman Sanders LLP

Ed Kidd - Troutman Sanders LLP

David King - Gresham, Smith & Partners

Philip King - Baker Properties

Jim Kinter - General Land Companies

Paul Kinyon - Bank of America

David Knickerbocker - WE Bowman

Otto Konrad - Williams Mullen

Gregory Koontz - Koontz Bryant

John Landrum - MBP

Kristi  Lane - Visible Proof

Mike Lang - BB&T

Chandra Lantz - Hirschler Fleischer

Brandon  Lauterbach - Lanier Parking Solutions

Ned Lawrence - RRMM Architects/Design Build

Bomani Lee - Koontz Bryant, PC

Mitzi Lee - VCU

Barret Leipertz - Leipertz Construction, Inc.

Debbie Lennick - Creative Office Environment

Jesse Lennon III - Pioneer Realty

Yusuf Lere - LRW McKinney

Joseph Liesfeld, III - J.E. Liesfeld Contractor, Inc.

Jeff Lighthiser - Draper Aden Associates

Steven Lindsay -  

Alan Lingerfelt - Lingerfelt CommonWealth Partners

David Lionberger - Hirschler Fleischer

Andy Little - John B. Levy & Co.

Kimberly Lloyd - Commonwealth Architects

Patrick  Lloyd - Air Conditioning Equipment Sales Inc.

Preston Lloyd - Williams Mullen

John Locher - Taylor & Parrish

Michael Locher - Development Advisors

Roy Locker - Locker Construction, Inc.

John Loftus - Virginia Economic Development Partnership

Hooper Loscomb - Eagle Fire Inc.

William Loughridge  - Loughridge & Co.

Michael Lowry - NorthMarq Capital

Dawen Lu - Lu + Smith Engineers PLLC

Franci Lucas - Emerald Construction Company

Gibson Luck - Dominion Construction Partners

Snead Luck - The Trent Corporation

Jay Lustig - Patient First Corporation

Julie Lutton - ColonialWebb

Bill Manson, Jr. - DMA & Associates

Patricia Marais - Brandywine Realty Trust

Reilly Marchant - Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer

Joe Marchetti - Hourigan Development

Martha Marks - VACRE

Amy  Marsden - RMR Group

Jeff Marshall - Wells Fargo

Channing  Martin - Williams Mullen

Michaela Martin - Virginia Economic Development Partnership

Frank Martino - L. F. Jennings, Inc.

George Massie - Grant Massie Land CO

Andrew Mathews - Williams Mullen

Bill Mattox - Colliers International

Paul McClellan - City of Richmond

Lisa McClure - Taylor & Parrish Construction

Renee McDowell - Dominion Service Company Of Richmond

Brad  McGetrick - Thalhimer Commercial Real Estate

Mary Katherine McGetrick - Williams Mullen

Brett McNamee - Divaris Real Estate

Lucy Meade - Venture Richmond

Kelli  Meadows - Meadows Urquhart Acree & Cook

John Mercer - Williams Mullen

Danny Meyer - Dallan Construction Inc.

Jane Milici - Urban Land Institute

Bethany Miller - Greater Richmond Partnership

Mark Miller - Spotts Fain, PC

Robin Miller - Miller & Associates LLC

Vince Mistretta - Starwood Retail Partners

Brian Mitchell - Townes Site Engineering, P.C.

Duane Moore -  

Janet Moore - S.L. Nusbaum

Melissa Morris -  

Jennifer Mullen - Roth Doner Jackson Gibbons Condlin, PLC

Karen Mulvaney - Tait Saunders Mulvaney, PC

Curtis Mummau - Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer

Tim Murphy - Virginia Commonwealth Bank

Rick Murren - Richmond Commercial Services

Vik Murthy - Luck Companies

Salvatore Musarra - Kimley-Horn

Barry Musselman - Regions Bank

E. Duffy Myrtetus - Goodman Allen & Filetti

Rebecca Napier - Wetland Studies and Solutions INC

Adam Nelson - Thompson McMullan, PC

Jeffery Nelson - Draper Aden Associates

David Nemecek - Bohler Engineering

Keith Neubert - PACE Collaborative

Faith Nevins Hawks - Marks, Thomas Architects

Austin Newman - Colliers International

Regina Nguyen - SugarOak Management Services

Lindsey Nicholas - International Roofing Corp

Connie Nielsen - Thalhimer

Kevin Nielsen - Market Realty Group, LLC

Jason Noah - AES Consulting Engineers

Joey Noble - Williams Mullen

Jacqueline Noel - Joyner Commercial

Malcolm Nunn - Roof Systems Of Virginia, Inc.

Meaghan O'Brien - Dewberry

J. Thomas O'Brien, Jr. - Spotts Fain, PC

Scott O'Connell - PACE Collaborative

Anne O'Connor - Colliers International

John O'Connor - The Landmark Company

Thomas O'Grady - Clancy & Theys

Olatokunbo Oni - Cr8tive Realty LLC

Jullian Ottley - Ottley Properties, Inc

Andrew Owens - Advantage Environmental Consultants

Patricia Kay Pangraze - Pangraze, LLC

Joe Paratore - Prime Property Group, LLC

Walter Parks - Walter Parks Architects

Anne Paul - RP James Center, LLC

John Pearsall - Xenith Bank

Joshua Peck - The Peck Company

Andrew Pegalis - Acclaim Properties

Bill Plasha - KW Commercial

Joseph Plumpe - Studio 39

Henry Pollard - Williams Mullen

Twyla Powell - Henrico Economic Development Authority

Rohn Price - Price Studios

Thomas (Tom) Price II - Riverstone Properties

Robert Proutt - VenGott Capital

Cathy Pryor - Union Bank & Trust

Mark Purcell - Purcell Construction Corporation

E J Radford - Hilldrup Companies

Malcolm Randolph - CBRE|Richmond

Eric Rasmussen - DPR Construction

Debbie Reading - Dunlap & Partners Engineers, P.C.

Laura Rebling - VCU Student

William Redd - Brandywine Realty Trust

John Reed - Berkadia Commercial Mortgage

Scott Reed - Prologue

Mark Reilly - W.M. Jordan Co

Chad Rexrode - Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Christopher Rice - NAI Eagle Commercial Real Estate Services

Ryan Rilee - One South Commercial

Robbie Roach - Kimley-Horn

Clement Robbins - C. Jay Robbins, IV P.C.

William Roberts - J.E. Liesfeld Contractor, Inc.

Eric Robison - Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield

Courtney Rockafellow - Zannino Engineering

Muriel Rodriguez - Schnabel Engineering

Natalie  Rogers - Wells Fargo

Tom Rosman - One South Commercial

John Ruch  - Westover Bon Air Insurance

Mary Rudisill - Napier ERA Corporate Services

Jerry Samford - Troutman Sanders LLP

Leslie Schultz - Henderson, Inc.

John Jay Schwartz - Have Site Will Travel, Ltd

Laikyn Severson - Joyner Commercial

Lee Shadbolt - Commonwealth Architects

Leon Shadowen - Brandywine Realty Trust

Cheryl Shanahan - The Blue Book Building & Construction Network

Wayne Shepherd - Brandywine Realty Trust

Nathan Shor - S. L. Nusbaum Realty Co.

April Showalter - Ionic DeZign Studios, Inc.

Christopher Shust - Balzer and Associates, Inc.

Yogi Singh - HS E&C

Chad Smith - 3e Consulting Inc

Colleen Smith - Howard Shockey & Sons, Inc

Lowell Smith - Leigh Properties/ Aragon Group

Mark Smith - Meridian Land Company

Randall Smith - Air Conditioning Equipment Sales Inc.

Bob Soderquist - Burgess Inspections, Inc.

Edward Keenan Solarz - Genesis Properties, Inc.

Richard Souter - WVS Companies

Catharine Spangler - Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer

Meade Spotts - Spotts Fain

Beth  Sprenkle - Wetland Studies and Solutions INC

David Spriggs - Draper Aden Associates

Elizabeth Steele - Stewart Title

Jean  Stepnicka - Haworth

Ryan Stinnett - W.M. Jordan Co

Brandt Stitzer - Hirschler Fleischer

Jodie Strum - Atlantic Real Estate Capital

Suzanne Stumpf - Brandywine Realty Trust

Michael Sullivan - Virginia Commonwealth University

Scott Sutton - Froehling & Robertson, INC

Trib Sutton - CBRE|Richmond

John Taylor - Gilbane Building Company

Josh Taylor - Meadows Urquhart Acree & Cook

Robert Taylor - VCU School Of Business

Jim Theobald - Hirschler Fleischer

James Thomas - Commonwealth Commercial Partners

Scott Thomas - Hourigan Construction

Glenn Thompson - W.M. Jordan Co

Molly Thompson - Virginia Business

Allison Throckmorton - Commonwealth Architects

Bruce Tibbetts - EMC Mechanical Services

Douglas  Tice - General Land Company

Jamie Tollenaere - MB Contractors

Heath Torgerson - Arborscapes

Jim Trebour - Creative Office Environment

Billy Trigg - Rutherfoord Insurance Company

Randolph Trow - Union First Market Bank

Lisa Tully - Fidelity National Title Insurance Company

David Turner - Kjellstrom & Lee Construction

Amanda  Tyson - Brandywine Realty Trust

Jason Van Beusecum - Steelcase

Alan Vaughan - CBRE

Dominic Venuto - Commonwealth Architects

John Voorhees - Cardno MM&A

Michael Vos - Branch & Associates, Inc.

Keats Wade - Belfor USA

John Waechter - Loughridge & Company

Kate Wagner - Sonabank

Debbie Wake - Divaris Real Estate

John Walk - Hirschler Fleischer

Dana Walker - HRACRE

Chris Wallace - Colliers International

Dixon Wallace - Xenith Bank

Andrew Walsh - SugarOak Management Services

Wendy Walton-Smith - The RMR Group, LLC

Brent Ward - riggs ward

C Lee Warfield - Thalhimer

Elliot Warsof - S.L. Nusbaum

Michael Warwick - Troutman Sanders LLP

Oliver Way - Fulton Bank

Clyde Weaver - Old Republic National Title Insurance Company

Jeannie Welliver - City of Richmond

Jay Wells - Advantage Environmental Consultants

Charles Wentworth - CBRE

Junie West - Timmons Group

Nathan Wethington - ColonialWebb

Cameron Wick - The Stewart Companies

David Wilkins - CBRE

Sara Marie Williamson - Colliers International

Franklyn Wilson - McKinney & Company

Jonathan Winks - VHB

Darryl Winston - Premier Bank

Brian Witthoefft - Lingerfelt Companies

Cameron Wood - Hometown Realty Services Inc

Catina Wright - Icon Realty Group

Gibson Wright - Dominion Land and Development

Tom Zannino - Zannino Engineering

Jessica Zullo - Hickok Cole Architects