President’s Message


Dear GRACRE Members and Friends,

We have the privilege to live in one of the best cities in the USA. Richmond is rapidly and continuously changing. It was not that long ago when living downtown was considered unsafe; now we have beautiful buildings being renovated to their previous glory and being converted into condos and apartments. Downtown living is becoming sought after. It was also not that long ago when major banks were relocating their headquarters to other states. The city has attracted many new community banks; some of them encouraging and supporting our real estate developments. In addition to banks and financial institutions, we have attracted breweries and supermarkets. Our market is diverse and bubbling. Our future is bright.

Richmond is attracting major sporting events. At the time of this writing, we had just concluded the inaugural Dominion Charity Golf event and in 2015, hosted the World Champion Cycling event. We live in a city on the cusp of positive growth in many different areas, and being nationally identified in ways we may not have thought possible.

With events such as The Market Review, The Annual Charity Golf Event, Annual Real Estate Awards and several highly informational Breakfast Events to name a few, GRACRE has become a dynamic and respected membership orientated real estate organization in Central Virginia. Not only is our board represented by a diverse group of business people, it also is very privileged to include Economic Development professionals from the city and surrounding counties. Their willingness to participate on the BOARD is indicative of the importance of GRACRE and the value it has to offer this region.

GRACRE board members are very dedicated and motivated professionals and I am very honored to work alongside them. Our board is committed to continuously seek ways to engage our members and provide value for your support.

While GRACRE enjoys a strong membership, we seek growth and encourage member participation. GRACRE is always looking to improve and we value any feedback. 

Your continued support of GRACRE is truly appreciated.

Thank you!

Danny Meyer - President
Dallan Construction

Frank Martino - Immediate Past President
L.F. Jennings

Past Presidents

1996 – Leon Shadowen
1997 – Daphne Berkowitz
1998 – Hugh Tierney
1999 – Brian Milner
2000 – Ed Kidd
2001 – Jim Getty
2002 – Jeff Bisger
2003 – Scott Sutton
2004 – Bill Redd
2005 – Jane DuFrane
2006 – Dave Howard
2007 – Scott Durham
2008 – John Mercer
2009 – Dave Auman
2010 – Debbie Wake
2011 – Eric Robison
2012 – Douglas Atkins
2013 – Allyson Petty
2014 – Tim Davey
2015 – Bob Hughes
2016- Frank Martino
2017- Danny Meyer

GRACRE Past Presidents Dinner 2017

GRACRE Past Presidents Dinner 2017