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Virginia General Assembly

When the General Assembly is in Session, GRACRE will monitor legislative items pertaining to our industry.

Here is where you will find all bills posted in complete form:

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The Vectre Corporation

The Vectre Corporation was founded in 1989 by H. Benson Dendy III, a former senior staff member to two Virginia Governors. Today, he is part of a team of seven government affairs professionals including longtime policy advisor Philip F. Abraham, as well as Richard K. Grossman, Christopher J. Whyte, Angela I. Bezik, and Petrina L. Jones. Corporations, associations, local governments, and individuals looking to increase their effectiveness within the public sector, rely on The Vectre Corporation to oversee their projects and achieve their objectives.

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VACRE’s lobbyists in Richmond represented VACRE during the last thirty days on the following matters that are of interest to its members in the commercial and industrial development industries:

Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB):

  • VACRE monitored and reported on the endorsement by the CTB of a report to the Virginia General Assembly on the dollar amounts needed and potential sources of new sustainable revenue to address the public transit “fiscal cliff” facing Virginia in 2021. The state funding contribution of $110 million annually to localities for public transit capital needs (excluding Metro) has been paid in recent years through bond sales. That bond authority begins to phase out in 2018 and expires in 2021. Recordation tax increases and grantor tax increases statewide and regional are among the possible funding sources identified in this report which will be presented in final form to the General Assembly in August 2017.

  • VACRE monitored and reported on a CTB briefing on new VDOT requirements for “access management” applicable to new development seeking installation of traffic signals along certain “Corridors of Statewide Significance” (COSS). The new requirements include CTB approval of new traffic signals in certain specified  COSS to seek to avoid degradation of the traffic flows on those major highways in the state, particularly those four-lane divided highways in Virginia that meet the needs served by interstate highways in rural parts of Virginia (e.g. Routes 360, 460 and 29).

Department of Environmental Quality:

  • VACRE is being represented by its Legislative Counsel on DEQ Stakeholders Advisory Panel formed as directed by 2017 legislation to address regulation of development activities in rural areas of Eastern Virginia that are governed by the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act.

  • VACRE monitored the deliberations and recommendations of the Eastern Virginia Groundwater Advisory Committee. This advisory committee will make recommendations to the Department of environmental Quality on the best ways to manage and regulate the authorized permitted and unpermitted uses of groundwater (well water) in Eastern Virginia. This includes recommendations that new wells not be allowed to be installed in any of the aquifers of Eastern Virginia that are for the purpose of landscaping irrigation at any residence or any office, retail and or office development.

Virginia Code Commission: 

  • VACRE’s Legislative Counsel is serving on a Work Group formed by the Code Commission to recodify Title 55 of the Code of Virginia which relates to property. VACRE’s monitoring of this effort is focusing on the recodification of Virginia law governing the conveyance of commercial real estate.

Commercial Development PAC

The Commercial Development PAC (“CDPAC”) was formed by members of the Virginia Association for Commercial Real Estate (VACRE) to support candidates for statewide office and the Virginia General Assembly who are supportive of the commercial real estate industry in Virginia. Candidates receiving contributions from the CDPAC are typically pro-growth and are supportive of the state’s economic development, establishment of a first-class educational system and an improved transportation network for Virginia . In 2003, 24 of the 26 candidates that received contributions from the CDPAC were elected to the General Assembly. The two candidates who were defeated were incumbents who lost to challengers that were openly anti-growth.

The CDPAC works to educate incumbents and challengers for office on matters pending before the Virginia General Assembly and the Executive Branch of Virginia State Government that are of importance to the commercial real estate industry. These issues include opposition to anti-growth legislation, such as adequate public facilities (APF) proposals (that could be used to unreasonably restrict growth in Virginia and damage property rights), new local government impact fees (which could place an unreasonable tax burden on the industry), burdensome new environmental regulations or unreasonable increases in environmental permit fee. The CDPAC also supports new investment in Virginia’s transportation system and its public schools, colleges and universities. A major focus of the CDPAC in coming months will be to support candidates who recognize the need for new, dedicated funding sources for Virginia’s transportation system which has not seen a new source of revenue since 1986.

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